Terms and Conditions

1. Copyright

  • Jayne Curle – The Self Conscious Extrovert (to be referred to as SCE from here in) retains copyright in all Original Artworks, Prints or other products created by her. 
  • The SCE retains the right to make a Print or partial Print of an Artwork sold to you.
  • Under no circumstance may you copy, print or in any other way reproduce the Artwork, commercially or otherwise.
  • Images of the Artwork may be shared on social media. Please credit The SCE if you do so. 

2. Commissions

  • The SCE will accept a commission at her discretion.
  • Details of commission will be discussed prior to commission being accepted. These will include: medium, size, framing, canvas/alternative, colour palette etc. 
  • Prior to commencement, a 40% of the total price of the Artwork, non-refundable deposit will be requested by invoice from The SCE. The 40% deposit will include any extra costs (40% of) such as framing, shipping if applicable etc. Shipping is free Australia wide.
  • An estimated completion and delivery date based on payment date of invoice will also be issued at this time. Work will only commence once this has been paid.
  • Please understand, completion dates may vary due to many factors (eg. excessive drying time of medium used, other Artworks in production, ill health of The SCE or her family etc. 
  • Failure by The SCE to complete an Artwork by the estimated completion date does not give you the right to cancel the commission.
  • If you choose to cancel the order for a commissioned Artwork at any time for any reason, your deposit is retained by The SCE.
  • Progress photos will be sent during the production of the Artwork.
  • Once the Commissioned Artwork has been completed, you will be informed and the 60% balance of the total price of the Artwork (inc. framing etc.) is due. The balance of the Artwork must be paid within seven days of notification of completion. 
  • The SCE reserves the right to treat failure of payment of the 60% balance (within seven days of notification of completion) as you cancelling the commission. 
  • You are required to acknowledge that an Artwork commissioned by you may vary in ways that have been discussed due to creative license but this does not give you the right to cancel, refuse to pay the total price of the Artwork or refuse delivery of the Artwork.

3. Prints

  • A Print is a reproduction of an Original Artwork or part of an Original Artwork.
  • Prints are unframed unless specifically requested or stated in the product details.
  • The SCE’s Prints are Limited Edition which means once that particular Print run has been sold, no further Prints will be made of that Original Artwork. This does not include alternative products other than Prints.
  • Prints will have their Title, Print Number (e.g. 7/100) and Signature of the Artist on the border of the Print unless otherwise requested.
  • All Prints come with a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity confirming Print number (e.g. 7/100). Please retain with the Print at all times. At no time must you copy the Certificate of Authenticity or attach it to any other Artwork. 
  • Prints are giclee museum grade, printed using archival inks on 310gsm Smooth Cotton Rag Card and have a matte finish.
  • Prints have a 3cm surrounding white border unless requested otherwise
  • Prints can be supplied in virtually any size. If a specific size is requested it must be paid in full prior to the production of the Print.
  • Prints will be wrapped, carefully rolled and shipped in a heavy duty cardboard packing tube. Although they are card if they are not handled carefully they are easily damaged/marked. The SCE holds no responsibility if this occurs. The SCE is not responsible for any creases or imperfections in a Print.

4. Price

  • All Original Artworks or Prints if they are in stock you must be paid in full prior to shipping/delivery.
  • Bespoke Prints must be paid in full prior to placing order with Printer.
  • See above for details on payment of Commissions
  • Shipping is free in Australia. International shipping, framing etc. are at an additional cost to the price of the Artwork/Print/other product.
  • The price for the Artwork does not include GST

5. Delivery

  • Delivery is arranged by The Self Conscious Extrovert via a reputable courier. 
  • Delivery times are estimates only and not the responsibility of The SCE once the courier has taken receipt of the Artwork.
  • Original Artworks will be packed in cardboard boxes and well protected. Depending on size, larger works may be lined with ply wood. They will be packed in a manner in keeping with a normal transit. Prints will be wrapped, rolled and packaged in heavy duty tubes.
  • The SCE is not responsible for any loss, damage or delay in transit.
  • All Artworks are protected with insurance. Should your Artwork arrive in a damaged box you must advise the courier at the time of delivery, photograph the damage and inform me within 24hrs.
  • Should the damage extend to the Artwork itself, that must also be photographed and sent to The SCE within 24hrs.
  • If you do not comply with the above Terms and Conditions a full refund of the total cost of the Artwork will not be given. Outbound International shipping is not refunded under any circumstances.

6. Unconditional Returns Policy

  • This applies only to Original Artworks: not Prints, commissions or any other product. 
  • Prints, Commissions and other products are non-returnable.
  • If you wish to return your Original Artwork for any reason, you are free to do so providing you adhere to the following.
  • You are responsible for the cost of return shipping including insurance and tracking. Once I have received the returned Artwork, I will provide a full refund for the total cost of the Artwork only (not return shipping/insurance/tracking or outbound International shipping/insurance/tracking). Outbound Shipping in Australia is free.
  • The Artwork must be photographed as proof there is no damage and re-packaged in it’s original packaging. The box must also be photographed as proof of no damage prior to courier pick up. If the Artwork returns in it’s original box undamaged and the Artwork inside is damaged, The Unconditional Returns Policy is null and void and no refund will be given.
  • Proof of return shipping including insurance and tracking must be supplied to me  via email prior to shipping courier pick up. I will advise which shipping carrier is to be used or if you prefer to use your own, again, proof of insurance and tracking must be supplied. If you do not comply with the above, the Unconditional Returns Policy will be null and void and no refund will be given.
  • If you return the Original Artwork without insurance or tracking, The Unconditional Returns Policy is null and void and no refund will be given.
  • You strictly have a full week (seven days) from receipt of Artwork to decide if you’d like to return it. If the Artwork is damaged on it’s return by the shipping carrier, provided you have complied with the full Terms and Conditions, your refund will be given immediately.